Bermuda Electrical Contractors Association

The voice of the Electrical Contracting Industry in Bermuda.


BECA is a non-profit organization.


Formed in September 2008 as a local incorporated company, BECA’s main purpose is to oversea training and education as well as to ensure a fair playing field for all electrical contractors. We are committed to working together to provide better opportunities for Bermudians.

BECA has also been involved in protecting the industry from outside sources including unscrupulous General Contrators and those that do not have a vested interest in our business.

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We have adopted standardized employee handbooks and safety code books for the industry and are working towards a better relationship with the workforce.





We have also helped to advise the National Training Board in regards to National Certification of all electricians (National Certification Act 2004).

With our vast experience of local knowledge and contractors, we have tried to ensure that all persons being listed for National Certification will have the best opportunity to advance through the system.