Code of Conduct

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BECA has adopted a CODE OF CONDUCT for it’s members to ensure we are all moving forward together with the same principles.

Members should at all times:

  • Discharge its duties to its clients, employees, subcontractors and suppliers with honesty, efficiency and integrity
  • Strive to provide its clients with quality service and value for money whilst being mindful of its duties to the general public thereby enhancing the reputation of the industry
  • Manage its affairs professionally so that all its operations are conducted efficiently, effectively and in accordance with good business practice
  • Employ competent staff and subcontractors and inform them of their obligations of this code and monitor their compliance with it
  • Ensure that all its building work is in accordance with good practice and current standards and complies with all relevant statutory and contractual requirements, including the provision of adequate insurance for all relevant risks
  • Resolve any complaints quickly and equitably, and not divulge any information of a confidential nature relating to the business activities of its clients
  • Actively pursue a sincere commitment to activities beneficial to the future of the Bermuda construction industry, specifically Bermudianization, recruitment and training, quality control and adherence to the requirements of the Health and Safety Act