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The Bermuda Electrical Contractors Association (BECA) is the voice of the Electrical Contracting Industry in Bermuda.

BECA’s agenda is to promote higher standards, quality workmanship and training for a skilled workforce. We have been organized to promote the following;

1.     to speak as a collective voice on behalf of all Electricians and Electrical contractors who hold an active membership in our Association;

2.     to foster and advance the interests of those engaged in or connected with the Electrical industry in the islands of Bermuda and to promote action amongst its members of the advancement of such principles as it shall construe as being in the public interest and for the good of the Electrical industry generally;

3.     to represent the interests of its members in all matters pertaining to the Electrical industry;

4.     to seek to achieve a closer relationship and a better understanding between the various branches of the Electrical industry and to improve and bring about a greater uniformity in the customs, usages, methods and practices of those engaged;

5.     to advocate and encourage the use of responsible contractors; to quote on, administer, supervise and co-ordinate all phases of construction projects within the industry; to urge and encourage all levels of government and the general public to use the capacity, skill, experience and resources on these islands and in particular by using standard contract forms which will be developed by the Association;

6.     to explore and develop the best possible relations with Electricians and to promote safe construction operations for the protection of Electrical workers and the general public;

7.     to foster reasonable and proper credit procedures for the Electrical industry;

8.     to promote and encourage the improvement and advancement of all levels of skill in the Electrical industry by way inter alia of apprenticeship schemes, training programs, management courses, on-the-job training and similar allied methods;

9.     to disseminate information in regards to advancement in technology as they relate to the NEC and Bermuda codes. To make recommendations to the government bodies that will enhance our industry;

10.   to do any of the things authorized by the objects set out in paragraphs (b) to (u) inclusive of the Second Schedule to the Companies Act 1981;

11.    to do all such things as may, in the opinion of the Directors, be advantageously or conveniently done in connection with or ancillary to or incidentally to any of those objects or to anything authorized thereby.