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WiresIn October 2007, the Consumer Affairs Bureau contacted 20 local electrical contractors to arrange a meeting to discuss their move to implement company licensing for the electrical industry. Nine companies attended this meeting and were told that the Bermuda Government was in the process of making all electrical companies on the island licensed in order to carry on electrical work.

Immediately following this meeting, the nine companies involved agreed to get together to discuss the political ramifications of the company licensing board as well as the Bermuda Governments move to have all electricians Nationally Certified by the end of 2009.

As there appeared to be little information on the National Certification process, the nine companies agreed to get together monthly to discuss our industry as well as our desire to plan our own destiny for the electrical industry.

In August 2008, the nine companies applied to be a registered company (under Bermuda Law) under the auspicies of the Bermuda Electrical Contractors Association (BECA). The nine member companies were;

  • Sea-M Electric Ltd.
  • Universal Electric Ltd.
  • First Class Electric Ltd.
  • Peets Electric Company Limited
  • Nusum Electrical Enterprises Ltd.
  • Brilliant Solutions Ltd.
  • TEMCO Ltd.
  • P & M Electrical Ltd.
  • Hi Tech Electrical Services

These nine member companies employ over 200 of the estimated 350 electricians on the island (approximatly 60% of the local work force). These member companies have also been on the forefront of continuing education on the island. They make up 70%  of the students currently attending classes at the Bermuda College’s NJATC Apprenticeship Electrical Wiring Program.

In June of 2009, BECA applied to the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) of the US to become an International affiliate of their association. This was granted in July 2009.

It is BECA’s intent to foster good working relations between all interested parties of our industry (NTB, Bermuda Government, General contractors, sub-contractors). In as such, we have formated the profile of BECA to ensure all aspects of our industry can be addressed. The attached company profile will give an outline as to the direction the BECA wishes to continue.

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