Member Fees

WiresBECA Fee Schedule

Dues are payable one month prior to the holding of the Annual General Meeting of the Company.  The receipt for such fees shall be in such form as the Directors of the Company prescribe.  In addition to the annual fees, the Directors shall have the power to charge an annual assessment from Members in amounts not to exceed BD$500.  Any assessments levied upon the Members shall be due and payable one month following the date of notice of assessment.

The annual fees for membership are based on a sliding scale as follows;

Category 1
1 to 5 employees
Category 2
5 to 10 employees
Category 3
10 to 15 employees
Category 4
15 to 25 employees
Category 5
25+ employees
Category 6
Associate members
Category 7
Overseas Associate members

The board reserves the right to amend these fees on a yearly basis as it sees fit. Notice of such amendments must be given in writing to all members at the AGM or a special General Meeting called for such purpose as described in section 26 of the byelaws.